Infants & Toddlers

AGES 0 - 2 Years

At Just A Blessing we strive to provide the highest level of care for our infants/toddlers. We understand that our care impacts all areas of their early and later development. We work to ensure that all of our infants/toddlers make all of their developmental milestones, and that we provide the basis for their social and emotional development. These early relationships between the caregiver and the child, set the stage for the child’s emotional well- being and social relationships in the later stages of life.

One of the most important ways to ensure that a child is on the right track for development is to make each baby feel as secure and loved as when they are with their Mother. Studies show that when babies are held and feel loved, they develop into more stable and confident adults. Our teachers spend time holding and cuddling babies to ensure they get the physical contact that is so vital to the well-being of the infants/toddlers.

As the infants/toddlers grow older, teachers spend time developing gross motor skills, fine motor skills, speech skills, feeding skills, cognitive skills, and sensory skills. Activities include singing, playing with puppets, dancing, and tummy-time. Infants/toddlerss become aware of other people, and move on to imitating hand and facial gestures, making animal sounds and saying the names of family members.

Our teachers also focus on the fine and gross motor development of each child which are essential elements in the development of children. Gross motor skills involve the development of muscles that will enable babies to hold their head up, sit, crawl and eventually walk, run, and jump. Fine motor skills refer to the small movements of the hands, wrists, fingers, feet, toes, lips, and tongue. By focusing on these skills, children not only strengthen their muscles and improve coordination, they learn concept and how to play together.

At JUST A BLESSING, your baby’s health is of the utmost importance. All teachers and visitors are required to put on shoe covers before entering the infants/toddlers room. Changing tables are equipped with changing table paper to ensure that each baby is changed in a sanitary environment and all toys are sanitized daily. In addition, each baby has their own state of the art crib, where they can sleep peacefully, away from the distractions of the other babies.

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AGES 2 - 4 Years

At JUST A BLESSING we believe that each child is created with a unique set of talents and personality traits. It is our goal to find the individuality of each child and help them reach their greatest potential. Our ultimate goal is to build a solid academic foundation for school and to instill in each child a love for learning. The right education in pre-school is essential to building strong students at age seven, eight and beyond.

Although it may seem like fun and games to preschoolers, the curriculum we follow is packed with educational elements. Games teach pre-reading skills like phonemic awareness and letter and sound recognition, basic math concepts, and hands-on science exploration. We strive to integrate the use of technology with our lessons.

There are seven learning styles that we focus on visual (spatial): using pictures, images, and spatial understanding, aural (auditory- musical): using sound and music, verbal (linguistic): using words, both in speech and writing, physical (kinesthetic): using your body, hands and sense of touch, logical (mathematical): using logic, reasoning and systems, social (interpersonal): learning in groups or with other people, solitary (intrapersonal): prefer to work alone and use self-study.

No student uses one style exclusively, but rather a variety of modalities. Knowing a child’s preferred learning style is important. Our teachers work hard to teach to your child’s preferred learning style, offering greater opportunities for learning, while at the same time decreasing frustration and maximizing on your child’s learning potential.

One of the most important aspects of early childhood education, is a child’s social-emotional development. Pre-school is the optimal age for a child to be taught social skills. We place a strong emphasis on confidence, cooperation, curiosity, and communication. The best way to learn these skills is through play. A structured play environment allows a child to think, problem- solve and use their imagination-all key elements of life and work. Activities include dramatic play, block-building, and literature/music experiences. Our number one goal is to provide learning that is not only fun, but meaningful.

Warm-weather days are full of opportunities for growth. Outdoor playtime, complete with balls and other outdoor equipment is allotted in the children’s daily schedule in order for them to benefit from the fresh air and exercise that outdoor play provides.

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AGES 3 - 5 Years

In the JUST A BLESSING classrooms, students are educated with the FLORIDA Department of Education approved curriculum OWL(OPENING THE WORLD OF LEARNING, focusing on the Common Core along with the Teaching Strategies Gold assessment tool, which helps ensure a seamless transition into Kindergarten following graduation from J.A.B.E.LC.

A strong emphasis is placed on literacy, phonemic awareness, beginning writing skills, math, and science. We employ a wide variety of educational tools, materials, and technology to keep children engaged and learning. The classroom enviornment contains learning centers, that are based upon the student’s interests. The centers provide an opportunity for the students to practice hands-on skills while involved in positive social interaction. The curriculum themes are implemented into the centers to further engage the students and provide additional opportunities for continued learning.

Physical fitness is imperative for educational success. Outdoor playtime is scheduled daily to promote daily exercise. Coordination is improved with the use of balls, jump ropes and other outdoor play equipment.


Voluntary Prekindergarten

Florida was one of the first states in the country to offer free prekindergarten for all 4-year-olds regardless of family income. The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program -- or VPK -- prepares early learners for success in kindergarten and beyond. VPK helps build a strong foundation for school using educational material corresponding to various stages in a child's development.

To be eligible, children must live in Florida and be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1 of the current school year.

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Elementary &

AGES 5 - 12 Years

School Age children arrive at J.A.B.E.L.C after they finish their school day, and they enjoy a nutritious snack upon arrival. They have the opportunity to their homework in a group setting, with a Teacher giving individualized attention to every child. Special activities such as art, games, and free play are part of their daily and weekly schedules.